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Pure Life Purified Bottled Water - 48 cases - (16.9 oz. bottles, 40 pk.)

Pure Life

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• 16.9 ounce bottles, 40 bottles per case, 1920 bottles per pallet
• Enhanced with minerals for a crisp taste
• Purified Water with no artificial colors or flavors and zero calories or sweeteners View full description


Whichever family you’re with, we’re here for you, with Pure Life Purified Water. Whether you’re looking for refreshing hydration options for your kids, team, or best friends, our quality bottled water is perfectly sized to fit your family. The 16.9 oz./500 mL Pure Life small water bottles are ideal for on-the-go hydration, for travel, office, or in the car. Enhanced with minerals to provide the crisp, refreshing taste you know and love, always with zero calories and zero sugar. And with a quality process, every drop gives you and your family the healthy hydration and refreshment you need to feel and be your best. So, grab a case of water and make Pure Life part of your family's routine. It's an easy swap towards a healthier lifestyle.

Extra Information

Pure Life
Item Volume:
16.9 Fluid Ounces
Unit Count:
1,920 Individual Bottles