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(30 pack) - 2.5 Gallon Jug BlueDEF DEF002 Diesel Exhaust Fluid


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• Vented nozzle helps reduce fluid glugging and improves flow rate
• One gallon of BlueDEF is used approximately every 300 miles
• A truck with a 20 gallon DEF tank can go up to 6000 miles between fill-ups View full description


BlueDEF DEF002 Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a non-toxic solution used in medium and heavy-duty engines to reduce harmful emissions. It's composed of 67.5% purified water and 32.5% ultra-pure automotive-grade urea. When injected into the exhaust, it converts harmful NOx into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor. BlueDEF meets ISO Standards 22241 and is API certified, ensuring high quality and safety. It's stored in a dedicated tank next to the fuel tank, and the DEF gauge indicates when a refill is needed.


Extra Information

Model Number:
Unit Count:
80 - 2.5 Gallon Boxes
Item Volume:
2.5 Gallons